Establishment of Custom Hiring Centre in Kunjar, Puri, Odisha on 6th February, 2023

There is a paradigm shift in the Indian agricultural scenario. More number of operations are being done with improved tools and machines; manual or powered. Custom hiring centres make farm machinery and equipments available to women, small and marginal farmers at affordable hire. Formulation of an SHG by women to establish a Custom hiring centre is successful way to ensure women farmers are equal beneficiaries of growing mechanization in agricultural sector of India.The village of Kunjar is located in the Pipili Block of Puri district. Multiple crops are cultivated during the year such as paddy, green gram, vegetables etc. Most of the agricultural operations are performed manually. Hence a Custom Hiring Centre of women friendly tools was established through funding from the SCSP scheme for economic benefits and overall socio-economic upliftment of the women of the village. The MoA for the CHC was signed between ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar and NAGESWARI Women Self Help Group, Kunjar, Pipili block of Puri district Odisha for the management of the CHC at village level. Dr. Mridula Devi, Director ICAR-CIWA, encouraged the women emphasising the need to adopt advanced tools, technologies & machinery. She insisted that this custom hiring centre must be used by the farm women regularly and judiciously for the betterment of the community. Dr. Jyoti Nayak, Pr. Scientist, ICAR-CIWA inspired the farm women to work in collaboration and highlighted the benefits of custom hiring centre. Er. Chaitrali Mhatre, Scientist, ICAR-CIWA demonstrated the usage of tools and equipment which were given in the custom hiring centre. These tools and equipments were chosen after careful study of the village’s cropping pattern and involvement of women in various agricultural activities under her institute project. The successful establishment of Custom Hiring Centre in Kunjar village was co-ordinated by, Er. Chaitrali Mhatre, Dr. Jyoti Nayak, Mrs. Geeta Saha & Er. Monalisa Pati.